How to Whiten Teeth With Home Remedies?

For most people, being beautiful means having a great personality coupled with a pleasant face. However, you need to make efforts before you get that attractive physique. One simple measure is by whitening your teeth.

You may get discouraged with rising dental service rates, but you should stop worrying for now as here are simple home remedies that can help make your pearly whites sparkle.


  • When you brush, add a drop of clove oil into your toothpaste. When you do this frequently, you will notice that your dentitions will slowly whiten. Clean your teeth using lemon juice. You may allow it to stay on for a few minutes for more obvious results.
  • If you have an unused chimney, then you may collect wood ashes from it and place them on your toothbrushes. These ashes contain properties that can shed off brownish colours, if there are any, on your molars. After you clean your teeth, rinse your mouth with vinegar. Allow it to stay inside your mouth for a few minutes. The acid in the vinegar helps whiten your dentitions.
  • Rub some hydrogen peroxide on your teeth using cotton buds. Be very careful not to touch your gums for this can cause irritation.
  • Crush a walnut and place them on the surfaces of your pearly whites. Nuts contain certain antibacterial properties that also help prevent discolouration.
  • Slice some strawberries and rub them on your dentitions. You may also use these fruits as your toothpaste. Mix baking soda and iodized salt. After putting them on all the surfaces of your teeth. However, you need to be very careful not to abrade the gums for this can be very painful.


Those are a few of the teeth whitening measure that you can do in your homes.

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